cTrader forex trading platform is a custom built trading platform for use by  forex brokers, developed by cTrader Ltd. a London based company. ThinkForex is one of the most prominent  forex broker that offers the cTrader forex trading platform. The cTrader forex trading platform is Windows compatible on XP, Vista and Windows 7 and is also available via Smartphone apps and browser based interface. The cTrader forex trading platform is built for speed and execution with no re-quotes except during volatile market periods when a slippage of 0.1 – 0.3 pips is observed. When it comes to true  execution, cTrader offers transparency in the spreads as well as execution.

cTrader Platform – Trading features

cTrader platform offers two main functions which is execution and charting. The cTrader forex trading platform is visually clean and user-friendly. It is light weight and installation is quick and easy. There is a very short learning curve and traders can get familiar with the cTrader forex trading platform quite quickly.

Some of the features of cTrader platform

  • True Level II market depth
  • One-click trading module
  • Single-click, Double-click, Trade-confirmation – Entry order types
  • Limit & Stop orders
  • Expanded Symbol display
  • Advanced charting capabilities
  • Good collection of technical indicators
  • Anonymous trading
  • Comprehensive account statements
  • Real time reports

cTrader Platform Review


  1. Trade with as many accounts and different base currencies. Switch between accounts easily using the cTrader Account Bar.
  2. Detachable Charts – detachable tab with One-Click Trade Execution buttons. A standalone feature on your desktop.
  3. Multiple Charts gives traders the ability to select and group charts you want to follow.
  4. 3 options of trade execution: One-Click, Double-Click or an Order Screen with Smart Order Routing, utilizing multiple liquidity providers.
  5. Analyze the markets with Technical Analysis Tools; drag, edit, rotate objects after you have placed them on the charts (e.g. trend lines, indicators etc).
  6. You can always see the entry level opened your position in the chart. By clicking the Position Display Bar, cTrader will display you the exact pip it was opened
  7. Advanced Charts: Multiple time frames (from 1 min to 1 month)
    • You can choose between line charts, bar charts and candle charts
    • Six levels of zoom in/out
    • A wide selection of technical analysis tools
    • One click trade execution on every chart, even when it’s detached
    • Easy to turn on/of objects on the charts
  8. Follow deals and margins in real-time and track your positions, pending orders and deals on Trade Watch
  9. Quick and easy way to choose and trade your preferred currency with the Expanded Symbol Display and add them to your ‘Favorites’, so you only have your favorite currencies on display.
  10. Level II Pricing is a list of best ranked bid and ask prices with an amount of lots available, giving you detailed insight into the price action. You can react immediately, in choosing the best offer and the amount of available lots from the accessible liquidity provider.

cTrader Platform – Charting

cTrader Platform’s charting has grown by leaps and bounds since the first time we updated this article. In recent times, the charting functionality has evolved and includes new additions such as the Andrew’s Median Line tool, Fibonacci retracement and Extension tools and many more custom tools besides having a vast library of in-built custom trading indicators. Trading can also be directly executed by the BUY/SELL buttons directly on the chart and stops and take profit levels can be adjusted by moving the horizontal lines directly on the charts.

The cTrader charts offers a selection of different time frames, from 1 minute through monthly time frame. The charting tools are available on the right side of the platform that its easy to draw various trend lines, support & resistance lines and so on. The charts can be highly customized and also allows for creation of various chart templates as well.

Traders can also make use of the in-built cAlgo feature to build their own custom trading indicators as well building automated trading strategies. Learn more about cAlgo tutorial here.

cTrader Platform – Order Execution

In order to execute the trades, traders need to click on any pair on the left side of the trading platform which expands and enables traders to place an order. The orders can be placed by a single or double click and instantly executed as a market order. However, for every trade, entry/stop loss and other such factors have to be placed as separate orders. The pending orders are displayed individually so it makes it easy for traders to track their orders. Other tabs include positions, orders and deals thus making for an organized display.

cTrader platform also comes with a ‘Favorites’ tab where traders can add their preferred currency pairs to trade. The ‘Favorites’ tab makes it easy to place the order entry.

cTrader platform is one of the best free trading platforms available for the retail trader. For those who want to upgrade from the traditional MT4 trading platform, cTrader makes a perfect choice. The learning curve isn’t that steep and chances are that once you start using cTrader, you won’t be going back to your old MT4 platform.