During 31 years of experience, City index has become one of the greatest worldwide providers of trading services for contracts for Difference (CFSs). Since its foundation in 1983 in the UK, City Index has expanded in the global market into countries like Australia, China, Poland and the U.S.
The City Index decisive advantage over the competition is the capability of cater for every type of trader. City Index is a reliable professional trader in a wide range of markets. Moreover, City Index versatility allows to casual traders to start trading with as little as 1 per point.

Is City Index reliable?

City Index offers to the trading beginners the experience and the worldwide recognition of a successful CFS company. New traders can fall into the hands of brokers that claim to put the client’s interest first until the money is released. After that, they mostly not seem to have time for you. So how can new traders choose a reliable broker to associate with?. Well, the new beginners can trust in a long established broker like City Index.

Over the last 3 decades, City Index has been innovating the financial industry. They are specialists in providing trading services for Contracts for DIfference (CFD), Forex and Spread Bets. They even include the small retail traders as clients. City Index had its foundation in London. It has expanded around the world since 1983 to countries such as Australia, Singapore, China and the U.S. to be closer to the client’s needs.

City Index also offers adequate fronting to guarantee the investment since it has been proved by Company Check UK to maintain enough cash reserves in its account. City Index is a Privately owned company, managed by a holding company called IPGL. The owner, Michael Spencer, is one of the richest people in the UK with a value of more than 500 million pound sterling. So the retail traders can feel safe and supported on the financial health of City Index.
The reliability of this recognized CFS company is fully regulated by the UK’s Financial Services Authority (FSA), which makes it safer. Nowadays, the regulation has been updated with the FSA successor, the Financial Conduct

Authority (FCA). This implies that the operations of City Index must fulfill strict and specific minimum standards.
More than 30 years of experience supports that City Index is a reliable broker capable of adapt and satisfied even to the casual retail trader’s necessities. Through loyalty and trust, City Index has been efficient on maintain long time business relations with his clients. Clients are satisfied and happy with the City Index compromise. This leads to a more intimate and healthy business relationships which probably is one of City Index secrets to be so successful.
To conclude, City Index has demonstrated to be a plausible and well-founded broker in the last 3 decades. The City Index wide experience over the world obliterate any negative and insecure perceptions. City Index worth a try for the new traders to the online trading world that wants to find a reliable broker to grow together.

Trading Platforms

The advantage Trader is the cornerstone of the City Index’s trading platform. This platform is available in several versions such as:

  • Advantage Trader (Download Version)
  • Advantage Web Trader
  • City Index Pro Trader platform
  • City Index FX Trader
  • Mobile Traders

Platform’s panorama

The City index’s platform works as well as it is expected. The platform is user-friendly and simple. The new traders will quickly become familiar with the easy-to-use platform. A market search function is also implemented. This tool helps the users to easily find an asset that they want to trade. Prices have a live-action feel that will passionate any broker or experienced trader.

Trading Account

After simple steps, traders can effortlessly open a trading account at the City Index platform. The instructions are so clear that it allows the traders to complete this registration process in a few minutes.
City Index is so committed with the trader’s empathy that it has put an extra effort to make the platform as easy as possible for novice traders. The platform also features a small positions tradings for the beginners. This helps the recently started traders to accommodate to the new experiences and build confidence. City Index also provides a free demo account to experiment.

Commission & Spreads

Regardless of the market conditions, City Index offer to the client fixed competitive spreads. For major forex pairs like the EUR/USD and USD/JPY, the spread is only 3 pips. Therefore, City Index is comparable to those offered by the IG Group.

Customer Support

The City Index support team is available from Monday to Friday, 24 hours a day. The client can be supported by means of Email, Live Chat, and Telephone. The customer can expect a well-intentioned, clear and precise support. One of the main goals of the support team is to get as helpful as possible to the client in order to build a strong client relationship. You can tell this as the account manager personally orientate them about the account policies.


  • User-friendly platform
  • Helpful support team
  • 30 years of experience and worldwide recognition
  • Competitive fixed Spreads
  • Several ranges of market


  • There are still opportunity areas for the search function on the trading platform.
  • The performance of the trading platform gets floppy sometimes.


City index is the market leader in trading services for contracts for Difference. They gained this reputation over the last 30 years of service. City Index has achieved a strong relationship with the clients through very competitive spreads, good customer service, and trust. The new traders can find a reliable partner to grow with.