ActTrader is a proprietary forex trading platform developed by ActForex and was built for individual traders and investors as well as Institutional investors. ActTrader forex trading platform is a sophisticated trading platform that offers a high level of customizable trading layout. Traders can choose between trading Forex, CFD’s, ETF’s, Equities, Forwards and Options on the ActTrader platform.

The ActTrader forex trading application comprises of a combined interface enabling traders to monitor the markets and engage in online trading simultaneously. The ActTrader interface is divided into various functional windows; each each displaying the information and provides access to specific functions in regards to viewing, processing, initiating, and responding to market activity on the trading system. The ActTrader forex trading application interface uses the FXVoyager toolbar, that allows for intuitive access to interface-specific functions, such as display styles, reports, communication information, etc.

ActTrader Forex Trading Platform Features

  • Avoid the extra step of calculating the value of lots by making use of the user selectable, amount-based trading (instead of lot) which presents trades in tangible monetary terms
  • ActTrader One-click trading allows traders to open trading positions in the fastest way possible
  • ActTrader provides extensive reports to track the trading progress and the consequent revenues
  • ActTrader’s customizable workspace allows traders to make use of tabs and detachable floating windows to enable traders to multi-task efficiently
  • Make better trading decisions with ActTrader’s built-in charting system gives an indication of current market trends
  • Use the Stop/Limit tool to hedge your positions* with stops and limits
  • ActTrader makes use of the FXVoyager toolbar to enable traders to intuitively access their common trading tasks
  • ActTrader’s user indicator editor allows traders to create and apply custom indicators to charts
  • ActFX algorithmic trading module enables traders to create automated trading strategies as well as allowing for back-test of the trading strategies and real time execution